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The content race is well and truly on. The focus is on social, where Australians spend on average, one hour and forty eight minutes of their time per day. Read more ...

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true is a content marketing agency that  amplifies your brand across social media

Our approach to content creation.

Our approach starts with the end in mind. We answer the question of ROI at the beginning of the process by focusing on defined measurable business goals. Research, strategy and editorial planning follow. Each with a specific role to play in developing content that not only connects, but drives growth.

73% of consumers have been impacted by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchase decision (Animoto, 2018).

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1 campaign.
7 videos.
5 hero shots.
20 statics.
6 GIFs.

The demand for fresh content from brand followers is high. The balance comes with ensuring quality when delivering quantity. Read more ...

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Growth at a glance from content creation.


YoY increase in sales.


above benchmark CPE.


above target ER.


reduction in CPE.


growth in sales YoY.

Content at scale highlights.

As a content marketing agency, we stay ahead of the curve with the latest research

What to know about video.

Video is the fastest growing form of content with 87% of consumers wanting more video from brands. The one key element about creating video content for social is ensuring that each execution is native to the platform it runs on. This includes both the content idea and execution as well as exported size and format of the final video.

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Thumb stopping content comes in all shapes, sizes and thumbs.

Social content creation should be authentic to brand and platform, but with that said, brands need to remember that getting the attention and fostering engagement from the audience are the primary objectives. Read more ...

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true is a content marketing agency that creates unique ideas for your brand
this content marketing agency understands our audience
true is a family run content marketing agency that cares for the little things in life
we as a content marketing agency love dogs just as much as petbarn
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